Charlene Bailey

Entourage Leader


Physical appearance:

Striking Looks 2
17 yrs old / 5’0" (153 cm) / 109.3 lbs (49.7 kg)
Long, straight, carrot red hair / Brown eyes / Fair skin (Anglo)
Often wears outfits consisting of button-up shirts and short, flowing skirts


Observant, determined, and quick witted, but controlling when in an unfamiliar situation
Likes clothing, new fashions, economics, and Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman in True Blood)
Dislikes history, crude humor, chewy candies, and abrasive textures

Social details:

First year student at Kouru house
American (Superstition, Az)
Leader of Ethan Snow’s entourage
Has her own credit card


Charlene Bailey

Persona 2nd Ed: Kauai NaniErin