Lance Conner

B Boy Super Hero


Physical Description:

17 years old / 5’7" / 160 lbs. / Striking Looks 4
Short blonde hair / Blue eyes / Tan (anglo)
Usually wears casual clothing unless outfitted by Sebastion


Formerly not very talkative, Lance has changed his demeanor since gaining his powers. He is now much more comfortable in social settings. He can be a bit standoffish when confronted about things about which he feels strongly. Having learned the worth of friendship and brotherhood at a very young age, he values his friends and teammates very highly.

Social Details:

First year in Kouru House
Parents and siblings unknown (orphaned at a very early age)
Has a girlfriend on the island that is a native Hawaiian named Liza


Lance Conner

Persona 2nd Ed: Kauai Zeph311