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Welcome to Nui Kanapa Moutere’s School for a Better Future!

Located on the island of Kauai, our school occupies 32 acres of land along the southeastern edge of the Moloaa Forest Reserve and is just 2 miles northwest of the lovely city of Anahola. As a preparatory school, we provide four years worth of education, starting with the 11th year of schooling and continuing to the 14th. It is our pride to say that, in the five years in which we have been operational, every student who has graduated from our program has been able to continue to the university of his or her choice, regardless of the location or exclusivity of said university.

Please keep in mind that we accept a total of 800 students every year, and, while some of these students are not yet considered adults in the eyes American law, we fully expect each and every one of our students to act with the maturity and professionalism of responsible young adults. Students who are found to show abusive tendencies, whether physically, mentally, or morally, will be disciplined, up to and including expulsion.

That being said, please feel free to explore the nearby Towns and get to know the Locals. We are sure that our students will find plenty of opportunities to make new friends and discover new and interesting sites around the island. If you find that you have any questions in regards to local laws or customs, please contact your councilor.

With no further ado, we are more than pleased to be able to include you in our curriculum over this coming school year and we hope that any questions you might have regarding Scheduling, Housing, or School Staff will be answered on the following pages. Any questions not addressed on said pages should be taken to your House Big Brother or Sister, or your councilor.

Main Page

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